Dear Family and Friends,

I have so much to share with you I'm not quite sure where to begin. I want to first thank each
and every one of you for your support, e-mails, and most of all your prayers.

As most of you know, we arrived safely and have started our journey. Kevin is enjoying
teaching and preaching. We've had several visitors that have come to welcome us back. I've
been busy cleaning, painting, and studying Portuguese. Our house was unoccupied prior to
our arrival so there was and is a lot of dust, sand, flying roaches, lizards, etc. However, I must
say for the first time I feel "settled in." I would also like to add we have adopted two kitties.
This comes as no surprise to those of you who know us well. Their names are Bumpkin and
Bill (also known as Kevin Jr.).

Numerous Blessings...

Last week we visited the church that meets on our compound. It was a wonderful service.
They had a choir of 40+ children, with the average age being about five. There is no greater
sound than children praising the Lord in song. The visiting pastor spoke from Matthew 7
and during the service there was a baptism.

That same day, the Hulseys had four visitors from Florida arrive safely. The reason I bring this
up is that all four men have detail and mechanical experience. What a blessing this was for
us. We had found a truck that we "thought" was reliable and priced reasonably. The following
day these same men took a look at the truck and told us it had been crashed, repaired
poorly, and probably would not "make it back to the compound." In Mozambique, there are
two used dealerships and only one sells trucks. I must also mention you can't test drive a
vehicle because they are not insured. To make a long story short, God richly blessed us and
our checking account by having these men here.

On Wednesday, Kevin and I went to South Africa to look for a truck. We first tried to track
down our previous mechanic from four years ago and we found out he had skipped the
country owing a lot of money. The same woman who shared this information with us directed
us to a wonderful mechanic. Kevin and I found a 1994 Mazda 4x4. Our new mechanic
checked it out for us free of charge. The money has been wired from the states and Kevin is
going by bus to pick it up on Tuesday, Lord willing. As most of you know Mozambique
charges 60% duties on anything brought through the border so we're going to keep the South
African car tags until additional money can be raised to import the truck.

On our way back into Mozambique from South Africa, it took us two hours just to get past the
border. Because of the delay, on Friday evening we traveled home in the dark. God took
care of us. Here in Mozambique people walk on the roads and drive without headlights
and/or brake lights; and when you're traveling 100-120 K's an hour it can be dangerous. We
even passed two groups of "white shirt" police (they carry the AK 47's) without being pulled
over. Praise God!

Well, it's getting late here. Kevin, Don Hulsey, four visitors from FL, students, and local
Christian Church/Church of Christ ministers are "in the bush" staying over night (two hours
north, near Xai-Xai (shy-shy)). Please pray for their conference and services to be fruitful and
that they would return safely.

Our website ( will most likely be updated later this week. You will find
new information and lots of updated pictures. :-)

Love and Blessings to all,


P.S. As I type this e-mail my only source of light is a lantern. Please forgive any errors typed