Anyone else think the stove appears to be smiling?
From river sludge to drinking water in only two hours.
We can even watch Oprah with Arabic subtitles.
We will still pant like dogs during the daytime.
You would not believe the size of the ladybugs here.
Hey hey!  Ho ho!  Political parades are the way to go!  Hey hey...
Can you spot the illegally parked Land Rover in this picture?
We live in a building that
hosts a couple of banks and
severals shops. There are
guards around all the time.
The red arrow points to our
Our little kitchen.
Here's our bedroom,
complete with A/C. That'll be
an unspeakable blessing
come December and
This filter takes the delicious
Nampula nutrients out of our
drinking water.
This is the view from the
balcony outside the family
Our necessary room.
The Presidential election for
Mozambique will be
December 1 and 2 of this
year. Until then, political
parades such as this one,
which passed below our
bedroom baclony, can be
seen almost daily.
Here's the family room. We
have very cheap cable TV,
which just arrived in Nampula.
There are 17 channels, only
two of which are in English.
We also have Al-Jazeera.
Being seven hours ahead of
US Eastern time, we stayed
up all night on November 2
and watched the US election
returns on CNN International.