If only there were road signs, then we could play the alphabet game.
No doubt a precursor to the Golden Gate Bridge.
Eat your heart out, Staten Island Ferry!
The trees are included for scale, as the late Dr. Bullard would say.
Pay no attention to that woman with the camera!
Rare is the sound of an electric toothbrush in these parts.
Sometimes they heat the water over a fire.  The other times you wish they had.
For six years Kevin wanted to
return to Nova Nab˙ri, which, at
the time of his first visit in 1998,
had not seen white people or
vehicles in 13 years. (See old
website for more details.) Here,
he and Mindy and some friends
prepare for the six-hour ride in
the back of Jacob and Jaynie
Michael's Land Rover.
Some rivers come with
bridges for your crossing
A quick stop was in order to
put some air in a tire.
19-year-old Rabia with husband and
child in 2004
They couldn't help but stare in 1998.
Some don't.
Kevin is reunited with
Castelo, his former student at
the Bible training center in
southern Mozambique.
A Saturday afternoon Bible
teaching session
Three-year-old Tauanša in 1998
Nine-year-old Tauanša in 2004
Kevin and 13-year-old Rabia in 1998
They couldn't help but stare in 2004.
Mindy brushes her teeth in
the "restroom."
Here's the inside of the restroom. Hang
your clothes over the wall, stand on the
blocks, pour water over yourself, lather,
rinse, repeat if desired.