He'll be in good shape for his next vote of confidence.
This church building is in Helene
(a 6-hour drive from Maputo
on Mozambique's main national
highway), where Kevin visited in
January to teach on church
leadership and do some
preaching. The man eating a
mango in the lower right is
Ernesto, a Christian brother and
Kevin and Mindy's handyman.
He goes along on such trips for
added safety, and his
mechanical knowledge is
invaluable in the event of a
roadside breakdown.
This is the preacher's house.
Here you see palm trees with
palm tree leaves on them.
Here you see palm tree leaves
drying on the ground.
And here you see a little house
whose walls and roof are made
from dried palm tree leaves.
Here, the preacher and his son
are building a new ladies' room.
Uncommonly, this one will have a
real toilet seat in it!
During the four days Kevin was
there, some ladies of the church
hand-washed his clothes for him
(they insisted). Here, one of
them presses a pair of jeans
with an iron full of hot coals.
This boy is making a toy pickup
truck out of some wire and strips
of rubber. Kevin bought it from
him to put on his display table
during summer 2004 mission