This is the typical view from the
perspective of a missionary upon
arriving somewhere for a visit. As
the vehicle comes to a stop, the
people stand and gather to sing
songs of greeting, welcome, and
thanks to God for sending
someone to share His word with
them. Most of the well-dressed
men in front are preachers from
the area.
A visit from a missionary brings
people in from all over the area.
Here, women and children from
different places gather under the
trees on Saturday evening to rest
from a long day of travel. (The
men were similarly congregating
Since the church building was
too small to accommodate
people from so many churches,
the Sunday morning worship
service was held outside.
A primary objective of this visit
was to distribute Tshwa-language
Bibles to the attending preachers,
many of whom had never owned
a Bible. Just imagine trying to
preach every Sunday for years
without even having access to
God's Word!
Those aren't pumpkins, they're a
kind of drum, and this is a
percussion choir of some renown
in the area. By slapping the
drums and hitting them against
the ground, deep echoing sounds
are produced to accompany their
singing. It was an unbelievably
rich sound.
They also have a xylophone
Here's a typical makeshift kitchen
for such an event. Dig a hole, build
a fire in the hole, rest the large pot
above the fire.