The Mozam' Beacon  (Fine Reading)
E-mail Edition - September 27, 2004
(We'd like to think you were wondering.)

This brief edition of The Mozam' Beacon comes to you courtesy of the
phone line which only today was activated in Kevin and Mindy's
apartment in Nampula, Mozambique. So eagerly have we been
awaiting this occasion (allowing us to gratefully inform our supporters
that the work continues), that we're thinking of petitioning the
Mozambican government to designate our street "Avenida 27 de
Setembro," in keeping with the tradition of naming roads after
significant dates or notorious Communists.

When last we wrote, we were in the US, Mindy working for a doctor and
Kevin traveling to speak about our work. We told you we would be
moving to Nampula in the northern part of Mozambique to help with an
evangelism and discipleship ministry started by some other members of
our mission. This move has been completed, an apartment found, and
as stated above, the telephone line (not unlike a second umbilical cord
for missionaries) has been activated. The apartment is "nice" by
Mozambican standards, and "improving" by Mindy standards (there's
never a doubt who will ultimately win in Mindy vs. Grime).

Kevin has begun to assume teaching and counseling duties at the
outreach center, and will be looking for preaching opportunities in local
churches. He will also be joining Jacob and Jaynie Michael on a couple
of trips "out to the bush" in October, including a brief time spent in

Mindy may or may not be able to go along on these trips. She is again
having "digestive difficulties" likely related to the anti-malarial medicine
she's taking. Your prayers for her good health would be appreciated.

Many thanks again to our faithful supporters. May God bless you for
allowing us to be here.

Kevin and Mindy Beck