The Mozam' Beacon  (Fine Reading)
E-mail Edition - January 15, 2005

One of the questions most frequently asked of us during our initial fundraising, as well as
our visit to the US last summer, was, "How long do you expect to be in Mozambique?" Our
response throughout has been, "We're kind of taking things a year at a time." This was an
admittedly vague answer because, while our original hope and intent was to be involved in
long-term ministry here, our previous experience on the field had taught us that sometimes
difficulties prevail.

Well, the difficulties have prevailed, and now we find ourselves in the regrettable position
of announcing that we'll be returning to the US later this year, with no plans in the
forseeable future for returning to Mozambique.

Some of you are keenly aware of what's been challenging us, others only moderately
aware, and still others of you probably have no idea (reports of difficulties having been
conspicuously absent from prior issues of The Mozam' Beacon). And, of course, there are
those of you who were involuntarily subscribed to this fine publication, and you wouldn't
know us if we showed up on your doorstep (shrug). It's fair (and lamentable) to say that the
impediments to a long-term fruitful ministry for us here are sufficient to have convinced us
of the need to go home.

Mindy will leave Africa on March 6, and will shortly thereafter resume her position as a
medical assistant in Louisville, KY. Kevin will be staying in Mozambique until mid-July.
Between now and then, he'll be dividing his time among working on a simplified
commentary on the Gospel of John for under-educated preachers in remote areas,
teaching and counseling in the Mustard Seed discipleship and evangelism center, and
making preaching and encouragement visits to Mozambican churches. Upon returning to
the US, he hopes to find either a full-time preaching ministry, or a full-time teaching
position in a Christian school (while taking interim preaching assignments). He will also
continue, Lord willing, to write simplified Bible teaching materials to be translated and
used in Mozambique and other places.

We want to express our profound gratitude to those churches, families, and individuals
who have made it possible for us to be here, and we are asking those who are our
supporting us regularly to keep doing so (in grace) through the month of July. And we'd like
everyone to join us in praying that God would raise up, equip, and sustain more laborers
assigned to address the extreme spiritual needs of Mozambique.

His and yours,
Kevin and Mindy Beck