The Mozam' Beacon  (Fine Reading)
E-mail Edition - March 12, 2005


And only in the sense that she has returned to the US while he remains in Mozambique
until late July. That giant smooching sound you heard this past Monday night was Mindy
greeting the tarmac at the Louisville International Airport. Thus begins what we hope will be
the last lengthy period of time we spend apart. 4 months is a long time, and Kevin's
newfound freedom to leave his socks in the floor will be of only moderate comfort while he
awaits their summer reunion (expect a louder smooching sound then).

Plans now are for Kevin to remain in Nampula (northern Mozambique) through the end of
May, dividing his time until then working on his simplified John commentary for
under-educated preachers in remote areas, visiting Mozambican churches to preach and
offer encouragement, and teaching in the Mustard Seed evangelism and discipleship

In June, he'll return to Machava (southern Mozambique) to stay for several weeks before
returning to the US. The purpose of this time near the capital is to more closely oversee
the commentary's translation into Portuguese, investigate in-country printing options for
same, make new contacts for its eventual distribution around Mozambique, make final
visits to churches he's worked with in the past, do some teaching in the Bible training
center where he worked previously, and eat as much peri-peri chicken as humanly
possible before it becomes forever unavailable (having it mailed to the US is said not to
be an option).


When Kevin returns to the US, besides trying to find a position as a preaching minister or
a teacher in a Christian school, he hopes to be very involved in a ministry he's in the
process of forming: Mousetrap Ministries. The purpose of this organization will be to
ultimately and finally rid the world of pesky disease-ridden rodents.

Not really.

Actually the ministry will be non-vermin related, but "mousetrap" does make a nice
acronym for:


(Normally, the word "to" is not included in acronyms, but it was feared that "MOUSERAP"
would conjure images of Mickey and Minnie talk-singing over mind-numbingly repetitive

As stated in the name, the objective of this ministry will be to put basic books of Bible
teaching (such as, say, a simplified commentary on John) in the hands of church leaders,
primarily preachers, who have little Biblical education or hope of receiving such. The
importance of preachers in thousands of churches worldwide in remote areas (an
estimated two to three thousand in northern Mozambique alone) having a solid
understanding of what the Gospel is, as well as other basic truths, cannot be overstated.

The initial focus will be Mozambique, with hopes of providing materials eventually for such
other Portuguese- and English-speaking countries as Angola, Swaziland, Malawi,
Zimbabwe, Namibia, Guyana, and others. We'll see how far the Lord and his people take
this project. Since Kevin and Mindy will be in the US, working to support themselves, all
donations made to Mousetrap will be used directly for production and distribution of
materials, and occasional travel to targeted areas. (Non-profit status for tax-deductibility is
being sought.)

More information will be forthcoming at (though there is nothing there yet). Many
of you reading this will be subject to direct Mousetrap-related communication (ahem).


Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

The responses to our announcement that we're returning to the US were very encouraging.
We're grateful that so many of you will continue your support through July. And your prayers
have been helpful both in ways we know and ways we don't.

His and yours,
Kevin and Mindy